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The Basics of Prescription Scuba Mask

Your vision is your best asset in this modern visual world. Unsurprisingly, it is also the secret to ensure a successful and safe dive. A prescription scuba mask gives you the much-needed 20/20 vision that will allow you to enjoy a safe time and experience underwater. These masks are also considered critical gear in your diving arsenal. 

For the record, these prescription scuba masks are not all made equal. This is why it’s important to only shop for trusted brands while taking your personal preferences and vision needs into consideration. 

To make your decision-making easier, the following are the three most common options available for prescription scuba masks. 

Scuba Masks with Prescription Lenses

Scuba masks with prescription lenses are the most popular choice you can find right now. This particular option is also the most customizable. You need to provide your prescription to the manufacturer as it will help them cut and fit the prescription lenses to your scuba mask. 

Most of the time, manufacturers use their lab for the procedure since they’re the ones who best know their designs and can also ensure an ideal fit. This is critical for scuba masks to form a tight seal and keep the mask free from any flooding. 

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How to choose a prescription scuba mask lens to make underwater photography and reading gauges and dive computers easier.

Although this first choice might have a higher price tag than the other two below, you can expect an incomparable visual experience underwater. Whether you’re an avid scuba diver or you have prescription requirements that can benefit from a custom lens, a prescription scuba mask is your ultimate choice to achieve 20/20 vision while exploring the depths underwater. 

Prescription Dive Mask Inserts

Prescription dive mask inserts let you customize your prescription lenses to your needs, which is not possible with the magnifying off-the-shelf powers of stick-on lenses. These inserts can also have a snug fit in the scuba mask to sit flush with the inner lens. 

Inserts also don’t need a prescription and you can often get them in the same lens options as the ones that you use for the eyeglasses you wear daily. These include anti-fog coatings, bifocals or progressive, and single vision. 

prescription scuba mask gives you 20/20 vision underwater
A prescription scuba mask gives you 20/20 vision with a custom lens, made specially for you, to enjoy yourself while exploring the depths underwater. 

Although it’s somewhat economical for custom products, there’s also a caveat associated with prescription dive mask inserts. These are exclusively compatible with the shield dive masks instead of masks featuring two separate eyepieces. 

This is because of how the insert is developed. Typically, it uses a bracket system or suction cup to adhere to the prescription scuba mask’s inner lens. Most of the time, it can also attach to the upper area of the nose bridge. This is why there must be a free space for adherence. 

Stick-On Magnifying Lens

Some manufacturers develop magnifying sticks-on that can adhere to the inner lens’ lower part and serve as a bifocal.

Although it might be suitable for someone with an almost perfect vision when on land and only needs the magnifying power to see the gauges below the water surface, this is not a recommended choice for scuba divers with stronger prescription needs. These are also off-the-shelf products that might restrict you to the powers available that you can buy without a doctor’s prescription.

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