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Top Hotels Lasko Slovenia for First-Time Visitors

If you’re visiting Lasko for the first time, finding the top hotels Lasko Slovenia should be your number one priority. After all, with all the fabulous hotels dotting the area, it’s pretty much understandable if you get confused and overwhelmed. 

To ensure that your first trip to Lasko will be unforgettable, here are some of the hotels you can add to your list of potential accommodations:

Guest House Cater

Guest House Cater is a favourite among those who are looking for a place to stay that is more affordable compared to average 3-star hotels.

  • The place offers pet-friendly rooms, a restaurant, free parking, kids’ meals, and even hiking opportunities. 
  • There are also family rooms, fishing, landmark views, private parking, and a playground.
  • This amazing hotel is a great option located 1.2km from the city centre.

Enjoy the sumptuous food served in the restaurant and see for yourself why this hotel offers great value for first-time visitors.

Hotel Thermana Park Lasko

Hotel Thermana Park Lasko offers great rooms at very reasonable prices. Here, you can have a fun time in the outdoor heated pool, pool bar, and even the water park. Wellness and room service are also available. Who wouldn’t want to have room service delivered, right?

hotels Lasko Slovenia for unwinding and relaxation
One of the hotels Lasko Slovenia you can add to your list of potential accommodations is Hotel Thermana Park Laško with great rooms and water park for unwinding and relaxation.

With its location that is just 0.8km from the city centre and as one of the most popular hotels Lasko Slovenia, many first-time visitors especially love the fitness centre, restaurant, bar, hiking, and breakfast options at this tranquil and family-friendly hotel. 

Hotel Zdravilisce – Thermana Lasko

Hotel Zdravilisce – Thermana Lasko offers a selection of nice rooms at great prices. Guests also appreciate the fitness centre, restaurant, room service, outdoor pool, and skiing available at the hotel.

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Hotel Zdravilišče Laško is one among the hotels Lasko Slovenia, that is also disabled friendly.
The rooms, the medical-therapeutic part, the indoor pool, the outdoor pool, the fitness center, the therapy rooms, the dining room, the pastry shop, and the entire surrounding area with its wonderful park are accessible.

The convenient hotel also provides laundry, child care, hiking, breakfast, and bar services that first-time visitors are guaranteed to enjoy. Located only 0.7km from the city centre, the hot tub in the hotel is also perfect for unwinding and relaxation. 

Penzion Park Lasko

A water park, free parking, pet-friendly rooms, room service, and a bar are all available at Penzion Park Lasko. The prices for rooms here are all reasonable. As among the leading options for hotels Lasko Slovenia, Penzion Park also offers laundry facilities, family rooms, bicycle rental, tennis, and even a beauty salon that first-time visitors can’t help but gush about. The hotel also has an ideal location of only 0.9km from the town centre

Villa Aina Boutique Hotel

Villa Aina Boutique Hotel is a family-friendly hotel that offers high-quality services at great value. A bar, water park, room service, skiing, hiking, pet-friendly rooms, mountain views, a wellness centre, spa, hot tub, and more also await the hotel guests. 

Children and adults alike will surely have a fun time at the water park which further increases the value that one of the top hotels Lasko Slovenia can offer. 

Vila Monet

With the incredible rooms available at budget-friendly prices, Vila Monet offers room service, free parking, a child-friendly buffet, a bar, and amazing views of the city. As one of the leading hotels Lasko Slovenia, it also has an indoor play area, family rooms, a tour desk, laundry facilities, and more.

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