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Join us at paragliding in Slovenia

Slovenia is a beautiful country. Its greenery and vast forests, lakes and meadows are mesmerising. Especially when you experience them from a bird’s eye perspective. So why not combine amazing views with some adrenaline, why not try something new, why not go paragliding in Slovenia. Altitude activities offers tandem flights above one of the most beautiful parts of Slovenia.

You do not need any previous experience for paragliding in Slovenia, just a taste for adventure and lack of fear of heights. You first make a few steps to help your guide start a flight, and then you just sit back, relax, and enjoy the glorious view over our small gem.

Altitude activities offer Powered Paragliding
Powered Paragliding with Altitude activities

An experience that you will not forget

Paragliding in Slovenia is a unique experience, it is fun, it is a great way to take some amazing photographs, and it is something that you will always keep in your memory from holidays in Slovenia. Take a look at Slovenia from above. You will not be disappointed for experiencing paragliding in Slovenia. Their guides are experts and will find perfect conditions for your flight and take care that you are always 100 % safe, while enjoying 110 %.

Altitude activities offers tandem flights
Altitude activities offer Tandem paragliding in Slovenian Alps

Do you dare? Come, call or email Altitude activities office and book a paragliding in Slovenia experience. And then just let the fun begin. Fulfil your dreams, join their tandem paragliding in Slovenia, enjoy and learn from the best. Their guides are enthusiastic gliders and they promise you will have so much fun while gliding above amazing natural surroundings.

Touch the sky above beautiful Slovenian Alpine surroundings

Get as close to flying as possible, try paragliding in Slovenia and you will soon fall in love with our beautiful country and want to experience more of it. You can try paragliding in all seasons, as long as the weather permits a take-off. Come and join, you will have so much fun gliding together!

Ski goggles for skiing

Quick Guide on Caring for Your Ski Goggles

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The good news is that it is super easy to clean your snow goggles with no need to use any special tools. Below are a few tips to help you perfect your regular goggle care.

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