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(G)-IDLE 6th Mini Album - I FEEL

Cheap K-pop Albums That Are Worth It

10. AB61X 7th Ep – The Future is Lost 

AB6IX is a South Korean boy group formed in 2019 by Brand New Music. The group consists of five members possessing many talents. If we talk about their album, The Future is Lost, not only is it budget-friendly but it gives out a positive message to the audience. It portrays the darkness just before sunrise! This album mostly focuses on AB6IX’s own stories rather than being a slave to trends. Their vocals, lyrics, and aesthetics will melt your heart! Each song in the album provides a weird sense of comfort to …

Importance of Promotional Gifts

5 Ways to Make Your Promotional Gift Memorable and Impressive

Any product or item that you give to promote your business is a promotional gift. These gifts usually carry Logo, tagline, name, and contact information of the company that gives them to the existing or prospective clients. these gifts conventionally include executive pen, key-chains, shields, drinkware, conference folders, wood plagues, calendars, desktop items, diaries, notebooks, covers for smart phone (example: Huawei P10 Lite cover) wallets, customized boxes, tea coasters, t-shirts, bags, frames and any other thing which is helpful to keep your business alive and fresh in the minds of costumers. but there are venders who want to …

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