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Rubber Car Floor Mats


The car mats are the face of the car interior. This aspect is usually ignored by the car owners. They improve the aesthetics and protect the car against spills, snow, dust, and debris, and keep your car floor clean. The car floor mat helps to prevent slipping while entering or leaving the car. 

Among various available mats, the rubber car mats are the most popular today. the reason is that they are more affordable and durable than conventional fiber mats. We are listing here some best rubber car floor mats.

1. OxGord FMPV01A-BK Rubber Floor Mats

These mats are almost indestructible and would be there with you for years. Latest computer technology is used to manufacture these car floor mats to ensure quality and durability.

Rubber floor mats for car are the best option
Rubber floor mats are durable

They get fitted in any vehicle due to their international standard edges. Unlike the fiber mats, they don’t soak spills and don’t produce any unpleasant odor. You can clean them easily as they are easy to install and remove, without spilling anything on them.

2. Oxford All-Weather Floor Mats

This is the latest design of 3-piece rubber car floor mats. Oxford has an established repute in the field of manufacturing mats for vehicles. They manufactured these rubber car mats with 100% pure rubber.

Rubber floor mats for car are stylish and durable simultaneously
Rubber floor mats are affordable

This set can be trimmed at edges to fit your car interior. And these mats are decent enough to improve the aesthetics of the interior. These easy to install mats protect the car carpet from stains, and are really convenient to wash out.

3. Armour 78840 Rubber Floor Mat

Armour has a 50-years’ experience in the field of car accessories. This set of rubber car floor mats is among the best-known mats by the automobile dealers. They are designed to withstand all the weather conditions.

You can trim them to fit any vehicle you want to. Armour has used anti-split technology that prevents them from bending, curling, cracking, or freezing.

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4. Motor Trend Flex Tough

Manufactured from superior quality rubber, these rubber floor mats are durable, affordable, and all-weather partner. They come in handy in rain, muddy and snow of their distinguishing feature in their bowl design, that is a trap for all spills, which prevent them from spreading all over the car carpets. The rubber used in manufacturing is BPA free, hence they don’t emit any smell, even in high temperatures.

5. Mann Front and Rear Rubber Mats

These mats are stylish and durable simultaneously. What makes them unique is their easy cleaning. You only require soap and water to get a sparklingly clean look in minutes. These cars can protect your car carpet from damage, spill, and moisture. For making them able to fit in any car, Mann used the latest computer technology.


A sensible car owner never takes the risk of damaging the original factory car carpets. He always prefers to have good car floor mats to protect his car interior against damages and spills and the rubber car floor mats are the best option.

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