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How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Jackets and Suits

When you ride a motorcycle, you expose yourself to heat, wind, rain, and even potential crashes. The best motorcycle jackets and motorcycle suits are like your second best friend next to your helmet.

But which jacket or suit should you get in the first place? Aren’t they all the same? Don’t they provide the same level of security and protection? 

Here’s the thing: jackets and suits for motorcycle riding aren’t equal. It means that not all of them suit you and your specific needs. Look at some of the most critical factors you need to check to help you find the perfect jacket or suit you should wear on your next ride. 


Your motorcycle jacket or suit has one major function and purpose: to offer you the protection you need while on the road. The best moto jackets feature armor along the spine and the joints to protect you. 

motorcycle jackets cuffs must be secure
Closures are important for motorcycle jackets because the cuffs must be secure, and the zippers should allow you to hold your items confidently while being easy to work on, even if you’re wearing your riding gloves. 

Armor is often rated at the CE level. Specifically, the CE Level 2 Armor is designed for higher-speed applications. This is also more protective than CE Level 1 armor, although it’s still much better than not wearing any armor. 


Motorcycle jackets and motorcycle suits must have a tight and snug fit without being too tight. What does it mean? It means that your jacket must be tight enough to ensure that the armor stays in the right place and doesn’t flap in the wind. 

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Best Leather Motorcycle Jackets

However, you would still want your suit to have a loose enough fit so you can move around freely without feeling restricted or bonded. Most jackets today are adjustable with stretch panels. You might also want to opt for sleeves that are a bit longer than those of typical jackets to prevent them from riding up when you’re holding the handlebars. 


Warm weather is undoubtedly the favorite time of the year for road trips. Of course, the last thing you want is to feel, look, or smell like you just stepped outside a sauna bath when you hop off your bike.

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