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Why You Should Choose Croatia for Your Destination Wedding

Croatia is a country that offers many amazing wedding destinations, from historical castles to seaside venues. You can have your wedding in a place that suits your style and personality, whether you prefer a beach, an island, or a city. You can even choose Croatia wedding venues that were used as a filming site for the popular TV show Game of Thrones. Here are some of the most beautiful wedding destinations in Croatia: Croatian islands, the city of Split, and Plitvice lakes.

A Place of Quality and Care 

Photographers have personally visited and selected every wedding venue in Croatia to ensure that your wedding will be planned and executed with attention and care. You will have many options to choose from and create your dream wedding, whether you want to say I do on a mountain top or surrounded by vineyards or olive trees. Follow link above to find out more about the best wedding venues in Croatia.

A Country of Delicious Cuisine 

One of the best things about Croatia is its traditional Mediterranean cuisine, which is one of the finest in the world. As the famous chef Anthony Bourdain said, ‘This is world-class food, world-class wine, world-class cheese. The next big thing is Croatia’. Croatian cuisine has been influenced by Roman and Greek cuisine, offering a variety of dishes with a Mediterranean flair.

A Destination of Style and Charm 

Another thing that we love about Croatia is its vibe – there is something magical about it. Moreover, the Croatian experience will enchant you and make you want to come back again and again. That’s why many couples decide to return and have their wedding in one of the many stunning wedding destinations in Croatia.

A Region of Sunny Weather

Croatia has a Mediterranean climate with dry, hot summers and mild winters. Summer temperatures range from 28 to 35°C with plenty of sunshine. During spring and summer, Croatia’s weather is perfect for relaxing on the beach and spending time outdoors.

Location of Easy Planning 

Just got engaged? Want to have a destination wedding in Croatia? What are your next steps? To start, we suggest defining and discussing your wedding vision. How do you imagine your special day? What is important to you as a couple? Your priorities are to book your wedding planner on time and choose your wedding date and location. You have a lot of research ahead of you. We suggest contacting several wedding planners in Croatia and deciding which one matches your style, value, and expectations best. Next, your wedding planner is someone you will trust to plan and organize your special day so make sure you have a good connection. Talk and discuss the most important elements of your wedding in Croatia.

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Next, we suggest setting your wedding budget at the beginning of the wedding planning process. This is also one of the key aspects of planning a wedding. The biggest part of your wedding budget will go to the wedding venue, so make sure to get preliminary information on costs and fees in different locations in Croatia. Everyone has different priorities, so make sure you have defined the most important aspects of your wedding planning.

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