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Cheap K-pop Albums That Are Worth It

10. AB61X 7th Ep – The Future is Lost 

AB6IX is a South Korean boy group formed in 2019 by Brand New Music. The group consists of five members possessing many talents. If we talk about their album, The Future is Lost, not only is it budget-friendly but it gives out a positive message to the audience. It portrays the darkness just before sunrise! This album mostly focuses on AB6IX’s own stories rather than being a slave to trends. Their vocals, lyrics, and aesthetics will melt your heart! Each song in the album provides a weird sense of comfort to the listeners! So, what are you waiting for?

Price: $35.99

Package Details: CD, Photobook, Lyric Book, Double Side Photocard, Message Photocard, Bookmark, Sticker, Folded Poster

AB61X 7th Ep - The Future is Lost

9. Dreamcatcher 8th Mini Album – Apocalypse

Price: $30.99

Package Details: Album Case, Mini Card,  Selfie Photocard, Official Photocard, Sticker

Apocalypse is Dreamcatcher’s 8th Mini Album that tells us about the second story of Apocalypse. In their previous album, Dreamcatcher had shouted “Save us, Save Earth” since they had seen the main villain in the story. However, in this album, Dreamcatcher suggests a peaceful way to tackle the enemy. In the Apocalypse album, the tracks like “Fairytale” and “Some Love” portrays Dreamtcatcher’s unique music in different ways. So, if you’ve always been a hardcore fan of Dreamcatcher, you should definitely find out how the story ends! 

8. KARD 6th Mini Album – ICKY 

KARD 6th Mini Album - ICKY 

Price: $40.99

Package Details: Sleeve Case, Photobook, Accordion Lyrics Book, CD, Photocard, Postcard, Folded Poster, Poster

YouTube video
KARD 6th Mini Album ‘ICKY’

ICKY is one of the most refreshing albums of Kard. It is also one of the latest best K-pop albums with their new comeback, “Without You” on May 24th, 2023. The main song, “Without You” is a Latin-styled song with the right amount of EDM bass. It’s a rhythmical song that will make you vibe to it and is quite catchy too! Kard’s album, ICKY goes perfectly well with the spring/summer weather. Therefore, if you really want that summer vibe on, play Kard’s album, ICKY

7. (G)-IDLE 6th Mini Album – I FEEL 

Price: $29.99

Package Details: CDCase, Booklet, Lyric Paper, Photocard, Poster

(G)-IDLE always has something sassy to bring to the table. Aside from their music, (G)-IDLE is also known for its strong visuals, powerful stage presence, and unique fashion sense. They have gained a large and dedicated fanbase, both in South Korea and internationally, and have won several awards for their music and performances. (G)-IDLE has become one of the most popular and successful girl groups in the current K-pop scene. Thus, this group will always shine the brightest in the K-pop Industry with its unique concept songs. 

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