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Quick Guide on Caring for Your Ski Goggles

Ski goggles are some of the most important accessories for any skier or snowboarder. To ensure that you can use them for several seasons, caring for them properly is a big must. 

The good news is that it is super easy to clean your snow goggles with no need to use any special tools. Below are a few tips to help you perfect your regular goggle care.

Use Your Goggles’ Storage Bag

Almost all goggle brands come with their own storage bag. Your brand new nice and shiny goggles should be free from scratches or damages. To prevent these issues, the best thing you can do is to store them correctly when they are not in use in their respective storage bags to keep them sound and safe all the time. 

Ski goggles
Ski goggles protect us from the sun and cold

Know the Right Techniques for Lens Cleaning

Rain, ice, and snow can all ruin your vision. No special tool or product is needed when cleaning your goggles’ outer lens. All you have to do is shake off the snow and allow the lens to naturally dry off. It is only after the ski goggles are dry that you should try cleaning the lenses through wiping or rubbing using a microfiber cleaning cloth or goggle bag.

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How do I clean my ski goggles?

Another important tip is if there is ice on the lens, you might want to warm this up first before you clean it. You can breathe on it or place it inside your jacket to heat it up. Doing so can prevent unnecessary scratches. 

Never use a rag or glove when wiping your goggles. These materials might rub the reflective lens coating off or cause irreversible scratches on the lens. Snow won’t help here as well since this is made of ice crystals and usually contains some dirt particles that can only lead to more harm than good. 

Get a Spare Pair

It is also a wise idea to have a spare pair of ski goggles that you can take with you once you hit the slope. This is not just to prepare for different weather conditions because if you fall and snow gets inside the goggles, you can just use backup pair and return to the slope as you let the other pair dry out to keep it in great shape. 

Look After the Inner Lens 

Things are different when it comes to cleaning and caring for the inner lens. Most manufacturers use anti-fog coating on interior lens and wiping can easily damage it. 

To ensure that the anti-fog coating layer stays where it is supposed to be, keep your hands off this part of your ski goggles as much as possible. 

But, there are instances when snow or dust may find their way inside and you have to address it accordingly. Shake off the snow first and air-dry the lens. If you wipe these inner lens when there is moisture there, you might end up wiping the anti-fog coating off, something that you wouldn’t want to happen. 

Ski goggles are manufactured in a special way so it only makes sense that they also require special care.

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