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How to Care for Eyelashes Extensions the Right Way

Eyelashes extensions help transform your overall look the moment you step outside the salon. Of course, your goal is to enjoy this feeling for the longest time possible. This can be done only if you know how to take proper care of your new extensions. Below are a few tips and tricks to ensure that your eyelash extensions will look full and fresh for as long as you want!

Cleanliness is the Key 

One of the first things you have to remember when it comes to eyelash extensions is that they need consistent and proper grooming. Doing so can help you keep your extensions well-maintained up until the next schedule or appointment. 

Eyelashes extensions

See to it that you also brush out the extensions as needed using a clean and disposable mascara wand. But, make sure you don’t over-brush them because this might only cause more friction than what you want your eyelashes extensions to deal with. Brush the extensions in such a way that you are moving away from the eyelid. 

Don’t rub your extensions from side to side. If you ever feel the need to wash them, use a baby shampoo or foaming lash cleanser and warm water.

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Avoid Excessive Water 

When you have lash extensions, you have to avoid being exposed to water for a long time as much as you can, particularly after a new fill or set. The general rule you should follow here is to keep your new lash extensions dry for a minimum of 24 to 36 hours after your lash appointment. Once this time period ends, you can then swim or bathe as you like. But, just remember that if your lash extensions have more contact with water, there is a higher chance for them to fall out much sooner. 

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You might also want to stay away from places with high humidity and heat like saunas because it may lead to wearing out of your extensions sooner. 

Stay Away from Oil-Based Products 

Using oil-based products is a big no-no if you have eyelashes extensions. The glue that helps keep your extensions in place can dissolve and weaken if it gets into contact with such products. This is surely not the kind of experience you want for your extensions. 

If your face is naturally oily, specifically around your eye area, oil control moisturizers and blotting pads can come in handy to prevent excess oil from reaching your lashes. You might also want to say goodbye to your mascara in the meantime. However, if you like to apply some every now and then, just make sure you use a water-based one then apply this on the eyes, away from your natural lashes’ base. Ensure that your skincare products and face wash are oil-free, too. 

Healthy Habits When Caring for Your Eyelash Extensions 

Below are other things to remember to properly care for your fresh eyelash extensions:

  • Sleep on your side or back to avoid damaging or smashing your extensions. 
  • Try to avoid rubbing or touching your extensions since they can get damaged by the oils from your own fingers. 
  • Don’t play or pick at your lashes. 
  • Maintain your lash extensions with upward sweeping motions instead of side to side motions. 

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