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Need to Know Real Estate, Sweden

For those who are keen on acquiring European real estate, Sweden may be your answer. Because there are currently plenty of houses on the Swedish market and many of them can be bought on the cheap. At least for those who are willing and can afford to purchase a home in Europe. But there are several things to know before flying to Sweden to buy property and browsing for IKEA furniture.

When it comes to real estate, Sweden ( has many cheap places to offer thanks to a large property market. However, most of those cheap homes may be in the countryside where they can cost anywhere between 25,000 to 350,000 euros. By the time you reach Stockholm, be prepared to shell out between 600,000 to 800,000 euros.

For those who are keen on acquiring European real estate, Sweden may be your answer.

It would be easier to purchase real estate. Sweden’s rental market especially for expats in urban areas, is too competitive as it’s quite difficult to find an apartment without a waiting list. Expats would have to compromise on some travel which by most accounts is traffic free.

There are three types of property available for purchase. The Fastighet (Property) a piece of land with or without a building. The Ägarlägenhet (Condominium) an apartment without a housing cooperative association and lastly, the Bostadsrätt (Housing cooperative apartment) wherein the building is owned by the housing association wherein the apartment owner will pay association fees.

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Homes can be purchased through bidding. Buyers can expect company of up to twenty others when viewing homes and later bidding for them. Bids are not legally binding, and buyers can wrangle and negotiate until the binding purchase agreement is signed. And even though the purchase is made through bidding, the purchase should not be without the aid of a real estate agent who will be responsible for documenting the transaction, as well as bringing together the seller and buyer/s.

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